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Sustainable Partnerships

A cross-sector collaboration(or partnership) is A cross-sector collaboration or partnership is a partnership between different economic sectors. So you have the public sector, governments, and NGOs for example, Non-Governmental Organizations, or any of the private sector companies, and partnerships that exist from different actors in these two different economic sectors.

EX1) with some other industry “Project Jacquard”

A collaboration between Levis and Google. They came together to weave a denim fabric with embedded connectivity thread that could transmit information from the fabric to your mobile phone.

EX2) with some other industry “Ecoalf with Fisherman”

Project with many Spanish fisherman. They purchases all the waste fisherman fish and turn it into clothing and accessories.

EX3) with NGOs “Better Cotton Initiative”

Partnership between the fashion industry and NGOs. n 2005, as part of a round table initiative led by the WWF, different initiatives were born all with the goal of finding more sustainable solutions for farmers,

EX4) Competitors collaboration “Sustainable Apparel Collision”

Between Walmart and Patagonia. They decided they wanted to approach sustainability in a more systemic way. They agreed that for that they would have to involve key players of industry in coming up with a standardized way of measuring sustainability altogether. They invited a bunch of brands like Target, Gap, Levis, or Nike, and ended up creating the Sustainable Apparel Collision. After several years of work, they have developed and refined the higg index. A tool for self-assessment that brands use to analyze their sustainability performance.